My name's Ariel. This is me, but you can ignore this obnoxious picture above and observe the awesome gif below.

Wannabe hipster.
iPhone lover.
Photographer/Photography lover.
Band geek.
Music obsession.
I think school is fantastic.
So yeah. I'm a weirdo. Nice to meet you!

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Big Appreciation Week


We HAVE to do this version this summer, I decree it.


never have i ever felt a stronger connection with kim kardashian in my life

(Source: realitytvgifs)

Flappy bird is so great, it’s a real great commentary on society. How industrialized areas (city in the background) and factories (pipes with narrow openings) truly affect the natural population of the area. Take the bird, a bird who was once able to fly on his/her own, and due to this pollution, the bird has less wing strength and needs help to just navigate home. It’s so sad. Even just grazing a pipe or ceasing to flap its wings for a millisecond will kill it. Don’t you pity the bird? I do. And the fact that you can start the game over just shows this doesn’t affect just one bird, but the whole population. Thus, this game is a message from environmentalists: GO GREEN!!!!!


If Valentines were written by evolutionists…

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“world of averages” - composite images culled from thousands of individual portraits resulting in symmetrical average faces

this was too cool not to reblog